Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning


At Kisharon Noé School you will take part in activities and events to learn about the World of Work, these will be designed to develop your independence, knowledge and skills and help you plan for your journey through life into Adulthood.

We will work with you to find out what you enjoy doing at school and at home, your favourite classes, how you learn, your strengths and skills.  We will talk about what you would like to do in the future and how you can find out more about further learning and the world of work.

We will share this information with parents and other professionals at your EHCP reviews, so that you can get the right support to plan for your next steps after you leave Kisharon Noé School.


Careers education includes pupils developing skills for independence, learning about the world around them, understanding how to access services within the community and the options available to them when they leave school. Information, advice and guidance is delivered through a creative careers’ education programme and work-related learning opportunities.

We have focussed on developing and improving the quality of our careers education programme. To ensure we continue to build and develop and ambitious and relevant careers curriculum we carry out self-review and evaluation of the school’s programme to gain national validation known as the Quality in Careers Standard, as recommended by the Government. We measure our programme against the ‘Gatsby Benchmarks‘ using the Compass + online self-assessment tool.