Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning

Kisharon Noé School has a Jewish ethos that permeates throughout the daily life of the school, strongly contributing to the warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Jewish values underpin everything we do and are the foundation of the RSE curriculum. We have the highest expectations for staff and are highly ambitious for our pupils. We widely promote pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development both formally and informally and deliver our curriculum through varied and broad experiences to teach and embed skills and values.

We support our pupils in understanding the world around them and their place within it, to be proud of their identity and to recognise their need to participate fully in wider society.

Equality, charity, kindness and respect for all are examples of true Torah and British values. We want our pupils to be enriched in their knowledge and to experience the spiritual richness of lifecycle events such as birthdays and Bar and Batmizvah celebrations.

Learning about their own heritage and engaging in personalised learning activities provides fully for the needs of all our pupils. We recognise our pupils all learn at their own pace, in different styles and for that for some there is a desire to learn at a greater depth.

We aim to instil our pupils with high quality skills that enable them to lead engaged lives as independently as possible within both the Jewish and the wider community. Teaching is multi-sensory and individual programmes such as Hebrew reading or Chumash (Torah learning) are personalised.

We recognise the importance of connecting with others and provide a range of vibrant and rich learning opportunities that excite learning and promote independence.

Our curriculum provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning and wider personal development and wellbeing. It is relevant to the lives of our pupils and linked to British Values Our weekly Oneg (joy) assembly focus on the value of the week and celebrates the happiness of pupils’ unique talents and achievements. Weekly values focus on our daily lives such as tikkun olam (repairing the world) through recycling or chesed (caring actions) where we collect clothes for a homeless charity.

Learning is linked to everyday lives, building on prior knowledge from previous learning.  Daily tefillah (prayers) take place supported by a links to the wider community. In celebrating all the Chagim (Jewish festivals) multiple opportunities are presented for meaningful and creative links across the curriculum. For example Purim provides opportunities for the importance of Tzedeka (charity). The Parasha (Torah portion) stimulates questions and discussions and is made relevant to all our pupils’ lives through Middot (character traits)

Our diverse school community strives to model the unity of the Jewish people. We seek ways to learn from those who hold different views and practices while, at the same time, recognizing and creating our own incredibly special and inclusive Kisharon Noé School community.