Teaching & Learning
Teaching & Learning
Kisharon’s curriculum is underpinned by its Jewish ethos and our curriculum aims to reflect this ethos and each of our pupils’ personalised learning journeys. We set high expectations to ensure that every pupil excels across all aspects of school life.

Our intention is to ensure pupils make outstanding progress, regardless of their starting points, and that the curriculum is broad and balanced and both facilitates this, and removes any potential barriers to learning.  We want our students to leave with knowledge and skills which will not only create excellent life opportunities but will also inspire, challenge and safeguard all of our students, and prepare them for life in modern Britain, encouraging lifelong learning, so that all students may follow the ethos to “Educate a young person according to their own individual way” Pirkei Avot (Proverbs) 22:6

At Kisharon Noe School, we will support and teach pupils to be:

  • Responsible British citizens who make a positive contribution to society
  • Independent, confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Constructive contributors to our local, national & worldwide community
  • Happy, successful learners who enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve well