Our School
Our School

חנוך לנער על פי דרכו
“Educate a young person according to their own individual way”
Pirkei Avot (Proverbs) 22:6

We believe that Kisharon Noé School is an incredibly special school. We pride ourselves on our warm and caring atmosphere and the way in which we know each pupil and family so well.

We work in effective partnership with families and other professionals to ensure that all our pupils reach their full potential, maximise their independence and go on to lead an active and fulfilling life in the community.

Our mission statements

  • To nurture the talents – the “kisharon” – of each of our students
  •  To create personalised and cross-curricular learning journeys for our students
  • To offer a range of therapies to enhance our students’ learning
  • To teach skills to build our students’ confidence, equip them for life beyond school
  • To foster a Jewish ethos that guides teaching and learning throughout the school, and welcomes students from all backgrounds
  • To provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating learning environment