Our School
Our School

Our staff all staff work together to establish a warm and friendly environment.

We have a high commitment to in-service training for both teaching and support staff and maintain a good balance between the needs of the school and individual personal development.

All our staff team and therapists are always happy to offer to be of assistance.

Dr Emily Haddock
Lyna Panas Deputy Headteacher

Ms Sevilay Unlu Mint
Mr Ian Funnell Parsley
Mrs Zenep Whitaker Lavender
Miss Avigayil Goldburg Rosemary
Ms Adina Collins Basil
Mrs Shamima Basher Saffron
Ms Silvia Labra Chives
Ms Helen Gillan Coriander
Mr Martin Robert  Sage
Mrs Kim Hennessey PPA Cover
Mrs Ella Weil (maternity leave) LK Teacher
Mrs Haddassa Shur
LK Teacher

Speech and Language Therapists
Mrs Vicky Taub Lead Therapist
Miss Hannah Bellman

Occupational Therapists
Mrs Lucille Morris Lead Therapist
Miss Lucy Stubbs

Ms Sally Wright Lead Therapist
Mrs Karen Duchen

Music Therapist
Mr Omer Plotniarz

Support Assistants
Soman Agha
Reesa Ambersley
Alfredo Sanguino Arriero
Molly Barron
Doron Barsam
Nicole Birley
Murray Brown
Toni Creagh
Monica Costea (maternity leave)
Batsheva Cutler
Veanisha D’Silva
Ranny Di-Mompova
Sherona Fernandes
Brett Fine
Michael Fraser
Daniella Gellman
Brocha Gutstein
Shannon Howard
Anisa Kagzi
Milton Morris
Nesrine Moula
Peace Onwuchekwa
Daniel Maya
Paula Petrisor
Jennifer Rweyemamu
Anisha Seedat
Michael Williams
Heshem Yasser
Rebecca Younger
Asha Yussuf


Mid-day Support Assistant
Libby Bass

Sultana Bibi
Elaine Price

School Business Manager
Daniel Antoniou

Mrs Anila Hussain
Tatyana Stefanova

Mr Adrian Marks Catering Manager
Miss Judy Wise
Miss Mihaela Leach

Mr Peter Bell Site Manager