Key Information
Key Information

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium funding introduced in 2011 is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

The Pupil Premium scheme has given schools an additional budget to spend freely in a way they believe would maximise support and improve the achievements of these vulnerable pupils.

The scheme is also offered for those children who are in care or who have been looked after for more than six months. It acknowledges the additional support these children require in order to maximise their educational achievement. It is also provided for children of parents in the armed services.

We have the highest expectation of all our students. Through our Pupil Progress meetings we thoroughly identify which pupils are underachieving and allocate funding to the activities that were most likely to have an impact on improving achievement.

At Kisharon School support to raise achievement is personalised according to each individual. We use our knowledge of students and their families to identify potential barriers to individual students attaining their outcomes, and use the funding flexibly to overcome these barriers.

Through careful monitoring and evaluation we can show the positive impact of our spending on the outcomes for these pupils. Because of the small numbers of children who are eligible for pupil premium, impact is annually reported to the Governing Body and not published on the website.

Pupil Premium 2021-2022

Whole School
Implement a strategic and operational plan with specific actions to reintegrate Pupil Premium children back into learning.

Ensure staff have the skills and knowledge to implement a fully inclusive and personalised curriculum for every Pupil Premium child.

Support Pupil Premium children to develop age appropriate communication, interpersonal and social skills through a whole school approach to social use of language

Key Stage
Reduce the gap between Key Stage 3 / 4 PP and NPP pupils in formal curriculum maths

Reduce the gap between Key Stage 3 / 4 PP and NPP pupils in formal curriculum science

Reduce the gap between PP and NPP pupils who are working on the informal curriculum

Group or Pupil Specific
Support specific PP pupils to reintegrate into school via highly personalised and strategically monitored use of intervention

Create a significantly personalised curriculum for PP pupils who exhibit high levels of deficit in core curriculum progress

Employ bespoke social communication skills programmes for KS4 PP pupils requiring intensive intervention prior to accessing post-16 education

Full pupil premium strategy: 

Pupil Premium strategy 2021-2022


Pupil Premium 2020-2021

In 2020-2021 our allocation for the Pupil Premium Grant was £10,261.  It was allocated as follows:

Education supplies and Team Teach training to support with behaviour management £3,000
Smartkids, White Rose Maths, Maths Shed Subscriptions £2,500
Well being gift packs at Chanukah and Christmas £800
Reading books for more able readers £3,700
Subsidised uniforms for some pupils £261

Pupil Premium report 2020_21

Pupil Premium 2019-2020

In 2019-2020 our allocation for the Pupil Premium Grant was £10,556.  It was allocated as follows:

Developing skills and expertise of all staff leading interventions £2,500
Development of self-esteem and well being £1,500
Music therapy £3,200
Higher staff ratios                £1,256
Additional OT support to develop sensory diets £2,100

Pupil Premium 2018-2019

In 2018-2019 our allocation for the Pupil Premium Grant was £10,556.  It was allocated as follows:

Music Therapy £5,000
CPD for staff in total communication and SCERTS £3,500
 Sensory Equipment £800
 OT time to develop zones of regulation                £1,256