Key Information
Key Information

Kisharon Noé School caters for children and young people from 4-19 years of age who have complex needs including moderate/severe and profound learning disabilities and autism, requiring a holistic education and therapeutic approach.

Children are admitted to special schools with an ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’ (EHCP) which names the special school. Before an EHCP  is issued, the child or young person will have undergone formal assessments. After this multi-professional assessment, parents will receive a draft plan describing the child’s or young person’s special educational needs and the various elements of special educational, health and social care provision required

All Pupils at Kisharon Noé School have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

A change of school or placement is usually requested through the Annual Review process or, in some situations, you can discuss this directly with the Local Authority.

Before a child can attend Kisharon Noé School your Local Authority will have to agree that we are an appropriate school for them.  When considering a parent’s preference, the Local Authority (LA) will need to be sure that the school named by the parent can meet the pupil’s special educational needs and that the placement is consistent with the provision of suitable education to other children and young people already at the school.

The LA also needs to be sure that the placement is compatible with the efficient use of available resources.

Before reaching its final decision on admission to a special school, the LA will consult with the headteacher of the special school to ensure that all needs can be met.

After this has been agreed, the Local Authority will then formally write to us asking for a place. This letter will be accompanied by your child’s EHCP and any other supporting documents

Pupils may be admitted in exceptional circumstances without an EHCP if they are awaiting an assessment from a Local Authority.

Visiting Kisharon Noé School
Prospective parents and children are always welcome to visit our school, either informally or following the suggestion of the Local Authority as part of the EHCP assessment process.

To arrange a visit or to find out more about how our school may be able to help your child please contact the school office on 020 8455 7483